Affiliations and Partnerships in Canada

Association Québecoise des Organismes de Coopération Internationale (AQOCI)

The AQOCT is an association of more than 50 non-governmental organizations operating in the province of Quebec and working in the fields of public education and international cooperation. Its main objectives are to promote concerted and coordinated actions among its members and to facilitate communication through a newsletter and other publications. It also receives funds from the Quebec Ministry of International Relations and allocates them to projects submitted by its members. Among these projects are public awareness programs within the province and development projects in the Third World. MAP became a full member of AQOCT in 1992.

The Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC)

The CCIC is a coordinating body serving Canadian non-governmental organizations working in the field of international development. MAP, formerly an associate member, became a full member of CCIC in 1992. The CCIC Reconstruction and Rehabilitation (R&R) Fund has operated since 1981 to help communities overseas to sustain development in the face of disaster. Established by CCIC and CIDA, the R&R Fund was born out of a growing understanding of the need for assistance of a more permanent nature than that provided by short-term disaster relief. R&R projects are designed to bring hope by focusing on how to reduce vulnerability and promote self-reliance, including prevention and preparedness elements, promoting community efforts to achieve sustainable development. The R&R Fund has continuously demonstrated its sensitivity to the special needs of Palestinians.

The Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR)

Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace

International Affiliations

United Nations Division for Palestinian Rights, New York

Association of International Voluntary Agencies (AIVA), Jerusalem

Coordinating Committee of Non-Governmental Organization (CCINGO), Jerusalem

CCINGO is the collective voice of international NGOs with respect to obstacles to development and the status of human rights in the OPT. CCINGO provides timely information about the situation "on the ground" in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to policy-makers in government, international groups and media. MAP is member of the working group responsible for coordinating CCINGO's activities.

MAP’s local partner

Campaign for Shatila

Ain Shams Rehabilitation Centre

The Palestine Red Crescent Society


Ittihad Hospital is run by the Arab Women’s Union of Nablus, With 104 beds (of which one-third are reserved and paid for by UNRWA), it is the only independent referral center for the northern region, which has a population of approximately 550,000, Ittihad provides general and emergency health care services and specialist care including obstetrics, gynecology and intensive care.

The Red Crescent Society (RCS Nablus)

The Red Crescent Society (RCS Nablus) runs an ambulance service that provides emergency services for the population of the Nablus region. Established in 1950, RCS Nablus also provides services for children with special needs and the elderly.


The Red Crescent Society/ Red Crescent Society Maternity Hospital (RCS Tulkarm) provides the only non-governmental, non-UNRWA health services for the entire Tulkarm-Qalqilya area. The recently established Maternity Hospital and the Red Crescent Society ambulance services play an essential role in maintaining the population’s health.


The Patients’ Friends Society (PFS Jenin), established in 1975, has a mobile clinic service and a school for children with special needs, the only facility of its kind in Jenin, an area with a population of approximately 200,000. The society also runs an expanding polyclinic which is the main health service for the Jenin area and from which they run outreach services in mother and child care and rehabilitation. PFS Jenin established the Al-Amal Clinic in 1985, which now includes a medical laboratory, X-ray department and seven specialized clinics, and Provides outpatient, emergency and ambulatory services.

RCS Jenin

The Red Crescent Society (RCS Jenin) operates the main ambulance service for Jenin. The Society’s ambulances have taken on a growing importance with the increased conflict, rising birth rates, and lack of alternative means of emergency transportation, The Society has recently finished construction of a critically needed sixty-bed Maternity and Pediatric hospital, and is seeking funding for running costs and equipment.


The Red Crescent Society (RCS Hebron) was founded in 1965. It offers a variety of health services to the population of the relatively underdeveloped Hebron region, including a 30-bed children’s hospital complete with a neo-natal unit.