Ongoing Projects

We look forward for your continued support in order to continue serving the needy People, individuals and orphans all over the world .

Educational Project

MAP is planning to educate needy individuals and orphans in Palestine, refugee camps in Lebanon Jordan, Syria and where else, As we know every year numerous number of students graduate from high schools with high averages but their families cannot afford to assist them to continue their education in colleges or universities, and that’s what we are here for, our plane for 2021 to educate around 100-250 students or more.

Renovating Houses

The weather gets extremely cold during the long winter nights. It’s sad to see that many needy families, orphans and individual are suffering terribly during such times. That’s what we are here for, MAP have decided to start renovating houses in Palestine, Refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and elsewhere. Starting from this year we are in process of renovating 50 houses, it will be a long term project that we will be working on it yearly, every year we will be renovating certain number of houses and we are aiming to increase the number of the houses increases. Photos »

Food Distributing

MAP distributes every Ramadan and Eid food basket and ‘Eid clothing to needy families, individuals and orphans. Every year MAP covers around 300-500 orphans, needy families and individuals in different countries such as Palestine , refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon , Egypt and ect, this year we are aiming to increase the number of beneficiaries to make it happen we need your contribution. We thank all the donors who supported us and still supporting with this journey. Photos »