Completed Projects

As you know, our projects and activities would have not been possible without the contribution of Provincial and Federal Governments and particularly the financial contribution of the public like yourself. We look forward for your continued support in order to continue serving the Palestinian People.

Building playgrounds for the children

As playgrounds are rare in Palestine, we have initiated a program of playground building in Gaza and the West Bank. Throughout the years, we managed with the collaboration of Playground Builders in Vancouver to establish more than 20 playgrounds where children can play safely. Photos »

Alaqsa University

Map Installed the first conference room in Alaqsa university. Photos »

Medical Clinics in the West Bank.

A joint campaign by MAP and the International Development Refugee Foundation (IDRF) was launched during Ramadan in 1988 to raise funds to establish four medical clinics in the West Bank, in collaboration with the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees. The raised funds were matched on a 3:1 basis by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

Intensive Care Unit Project at Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza.

In cooperation with World University Services of Canada (WUSC) this $146,000 project established and maintained in conjunction with Medical Aid For Palestinians (MAP-UK) was funded through a grant from CIDA-IHA. (1990)

Emergency Assistance for Palestinians following Al-Haram Al-Sharif crisis.

Carried out in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) this $166,000 project was funded through a grant from CIDA-IHA. (1990)

Emergency Assistance Project.

Carried out in cooperation with Development and Peace, this $200,000 project was funded through a grant from CIDA-IHA. (1991)

Rehabilitation Services.

Palestinian children and families have suffered enormously under the Israeli occupation, experiencing severe mental trauma due to the loss of friends and family members, personal injuries and exposure to extreme violence. Building on a previous project which established the Child and Family Consultation Centre (CFCC), MAP initiated a mental health training project in 1992, in conjunction with the Groupe d’Appui et de Développement Institutionnel (GADD, the Quebec regional decentralized office of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The CFCC programme is designed to upgrade the professional skills of physicians, mental health workers, counselors, educators and nurses in all regions of the West Bank. In addition, this project focused on developing techniques to promote public awareness of mental health issues, in order to increase community support and recognition of this problem. Graduates from the training programme were qualified as instructors to continue existing programmes and promoted the establishment of similar continuing education projects. This project has been completed in the North West Bank in the south.

Reconstruction of Emergency Services

In recognition of the constant difficulties and shortages faced by Palestinian secondary health institutions, MAP, In Cooperation with Development and Peace, has initiated a project to upgrade and assist emergency services in non-governmental hospitals in the Occupied Territories. A multi-faceted programme, it strives to alleviate shortcomings in human resources, equipment and supplies in West Bank and Gaza hospitals. The Project includes an innovative rotational nursing exchange training programme involved four hospitals: Al Ahli Hospital, Gaza; St. Luke’s Hospital, Nablus; Mohammed Ali Hospital, Hebron; and Augusta Victoria Hospital, Jerusalem. This programme provided comprehensive training for the participants while encouraging cooperation between Palestinian health institutions. The Canadian Council for International Cooperation-Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Fund (CCIC-R&R) has matched MAP’s and Development and Peace’s contribution on a three-to-one basis.

The Gaza Strip Seminar

The development of a comprehensive health care system in the OPT requires an enormous degree of cooperation and coordination between the various groups currently providing health care to the Palestinians. In 1990 MAP organized the Gaza Strip Seminar: Pursuing and Managing External Funding in the Health Sector. Held in Gaza and funded by a grant from the Canadian Embassy’s Canada Fund, the seminar brought together the principal health care providers from throughout the Gaza Strip. Palestinians, representatives of international NGOs and foreign diplomatic missions were invited to give presentations on various themes. Approximately 700 people attended the seminar, which was the first meeting of its kind ever held in Gaza.

The Child & Family Consultation Centre, Jerusalem

While attempting to address the immediate physical trauma induced by injury, there is a danger that the equally debilitating psychological effects of the occupation can be left untreated. In 1990-91 a two-year project was initiated in cooperation with Edmonton-based Children of Islamic Nations (COIN), resulting in the establishment of the Child and Family Consultation Centre (CFCC) in Jerusalem. The Centre, the first of its kind in the West Bank, addresses the increasingly serious issue of the mental health of Palestinians living under Occupation. The Centre also provides training for mental health workers throughout the OPT. Matching funds for this project were provided by the Camrose International Institute and the Alberta International Development Agency.

Renovations of medical centers and maternities

The Obstetric department at the PRCS Haifa Hospital was totally renovated in 1995 so Palestinian women can give birth in adequate environment. After the war of 2014 in Gaza, we renovated 10 maternities in the North of the strip in collaboration with Ibn Khaldoun Society.

Providing medical equipment to Hospitals

We have provided numerous equipment and medical material to clinics and hospitals. Five dialysis machines were installed at the Rantissi children Hospital and Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza City. Two other machines were installed at Palestine Hospital in Cairo. Most recently, we are establishing 22 dialysis stations at the Nazareth Hospital in Nazareth. A new ambulance was purchased in 2016 for the Palestine Health Committees in Ramallah.

Public awareness campaigns

We have initiated numerous public awareness campaigns in the West Bank and in Lebanon to combat violence, drug and alcoholic abuse.

Institutional empowerment of Palestinian NGO's

We have provided financial resources to many Palestinian NGO's in Gaza, the West Bank working in the social, educational and legal fields to enable them to implement their own projects.

Caring for the orphans

Because of conflicts, many children in Palestine have become orphans. We collaborated with two women centers to distribute monthly financial stipends to orphaned families.

Caring for impoverished families

This past Ramadan, we have distributed food parcels at a cost of 28000 dollars to a number of families in six cities in the West Bank.

Helping producers to export their olive oil

For the past 36 years, we have imported into Canada over one million dollars of olive oil, soap, zaatar and dates from Palestinian cooperatives with the collaboration of The Palestinian Agricultural Work Committees. These items were sold in more than one hundred stores in Quebec and during agricultural Fairs. See More »

Promoting Palestinian Cultural Heritage

We have organized in Canada Palestinian festivals including films, paintings, and music. These events were intended to show our rich cultural heritage and were a source of fund raising for our projects.

Distributing food baskets

Distributing food basket for needy families in Palestine, Refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria during the year specifically during Ramadan for individuals, needy families and orphans. Photos »

Distributing Eid clothing

Distributing Eid clothing for needy families in Palestine Refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria every year during Eid for individuals, needy families and orphans. Photos »