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About Us

MAP Canada Legally registered in May 1984 at the Canadian federal Government, MAP objectives were to provide Non-governmental organizations in Palestine ,Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Syria and many other countries all over the word with financial resources to implement emergency and durable developmental projects of their own choice. From concentrating initially on health-related projects, MAP has diversified its interventions in the fields of education, public awareness, women issues and most particularly caring for the children’s wellness. MAP’s mission is to improve the health condition of Palestinians while respecting their autonomy and self-determination. As well, MAP works to develop cooperation and understanding between Canadians and Palestinians through the exchange of information and resources.

MAP pursues two main goals:

  • Coordinate the efforts of diverse groups who wish to provide concrete aid to poverty where needed.

MAP attempts to provide help where needs are the most pressing. At the start of the Intifada in December of 1987, MAP’s assistance was provided almost exclusively to organisations in the West Bank and Gaza working in the health field. Since 1995, MAP’s projects target education, health, training, the development of women and youth, the environment and human rights. Since the second Intifada (September, 1999), MAP has focused its efforts towards assisting families, children, youth and elderly Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Eygpt, South Africa,and else where.

Our Documentation Centre

MAP’s documentation Centre offers a wide array of information on current Palestinian issues. In addition to many documents on the issues of health and human rights in the Occupied Territories, there are sections on women, education, culture and the environment. There are books, newspapers and an audiovisual section that includes photographs and videocassettes.

Our Consulting Services

In order to serve the Palestinian and Arab community, MAP offers consulting services and referrals in the areas of employment, health and immigration. As well, Map can offer social and legal assistance.