MAP's Field Offices

MAP's Field Office: Jerusalem

In response to the need for MAP to be represented within the OPT, to deal directly on day-to-day basis with our local partners and the community they serve, and to be able to respond immediately to situations as they arise, MAP established an office in Jerusalem in 1989 administered by our Field Office, Our presence “on the ground” permits us to better coordinate our activities with other NGOs working in the region facilitates implementation and evaluation of our projects.

MAP's Regional Office: Edmonton

With of the onset Intifada there has been a growing under-standing the Palestinian situation and a desire on the part of more and more Canadians to support the Palestinians in their struggle. In response to this, MAP opened a regional office in Edmonton, Alberta in the fall of 1991. MAP’s regional office is run largely volunteer board, coordinated by MAP staffer. In addition to fundraising through events and craft sales and coordinating MAP’s activities in Western Canada, they will be taking on increasing responsibilities in the area of project development. The regional office works closely with other groups in the region, including the Children of Islamic Nation (COIN) in Edmonton, and Humanitarian Aid for Palestine, in Vancouver.

MAP's Medical Consultation Committee (MMCC)

MAP’s Medical Consultation Committee was created in 1992 with the objective of having a core group of Canadian health professionals willing to provide feedback and suggestions on proposed projects relating to health and medical services. The MMCC currently consists of 11 individuals working in a variety of different health areas who assist us in our work by evaluating proposed MAP projects relating to their particular area of expertise. These dedicated individuals volunteer their services to MAP, and we are very grateful for their assistance.